What is Strategic Storytelling?

Pathfinder is all about strategic storytelling. But what exactly is strategic storytelling?

Here’s what it is:

Running deeper than mere information, strategic storytelling is telling your story in a way that gives a purpose that others can believe in. It’s the story, the purpose, the drive behind what you have to offer. Connecting others to your mission and evoking an emotional response. 

But also, strategic storytelling is the data and the insights. Planning your content and marketing funnels to strategically reach your target audience. Digging deep into analytics and insights that we tend to gloss over. Connecting this strategy piece with the story behind it is what makes your brand stand apart and grow. Why? Because you are pairing intentionality and purpose to actively engage with your ideal audience – those that will be inspired by and respond to what you are sharing.

Here’s what it isn’t:

Strategic storytelling is not just information – the bullet point list of services and products, or empty words thrown together to fill a space.

Throwing up a post on Facebook just because someone told you the perfect time to do so was on Wednesday at 1:00 pm is not strategic storytelling.

Clicking send on an email blast because it’s been a few months and you need to boost sales is not strategic storytelling.

If you’re waiting for people to care about your business – and wondering why they don’t – maybe it’s time to adjust your strategy.

Here’s why it matters:

People don’t buy what you do… they buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek

As we’ve mentioned, strategic storytelling draws people in close to your story, your mission, your business. 

The days of fast, un-researched purchases are over. People don’t buy without knowing the company they are buying from. People don’t donate to organizations that haven’t convinced them their work is important. People don’t remember your business if you don’t give them a reason to.

So give them a reason to. Because it’s not about having an elevator pitch or scripted story you tell frequently. It’s about purpose.

Here’s how we do it:

At Pathfinder, we are your strategic storytelling experts – and we pat ourselves on the back for that. Because we do the hard job of aligning strategy and marketing to create something truly special for each of our clients.

We don’t focus on one thing; we build an integrated marketing package, a turn-key solution – across multiple services – to help you reach the right people with stand-out, purposeful content.

Through written content, web and graphic design, video, and more, Pathfinder uses strategic storytelling to break the rules and create a new path to success for your business.