Strategy & Analytics

Strategy is how you bring your story to life through planning, data application, efficient implementation, and financial alignment.

Need help understanding how to reach your target customers?

Pathfinder is here to provide a marketing strategy that walks you through the how-to’s and month-by-month instructions on how to implement an effective marketing strategy, specific to your services and target customers. 

Looking for better insight into your business and customers?

Not only can we help you gain and understand this insight, we can help you visualize and plan for long-term success and profitable growth.

What about the data and numbers?

Our plans and strategies always include a special attention to key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that your business should be tracking. These metrics can tell a story about how your business is really doing, where it is headed, and give insight into how you should adapt. It is no longer enough to say you are making money or are profitable. The world changes more quickly than ever and metrics will help you adapt before there is a problem.

Pathfinder can help you determine what metrics you should be tracking, help you display and visualize the data, and teach you how to understand what your data is telling you. Analytics are a part of everything we do with our clients to ensure a clear path to growth.

Past Experience:

Business Strategy – One of our recent clients needed more help understanding how to reach their target customers. The client was not very tech savvy and needed some additional assistance. We were able to provide a marketing strategy that walked the client through how-to’s and month-by-month instructions on how to implement an effective marketing strategy, specific to their target customers and their services. Further, our research methodologies have helped several organizations gain new insights into their businesses and customers, leading to better long-term decision making. One project we worked on actually helped a multi-million dollar organization gain insight and visualization into their global supply chain to plan out the next ten years and help them find weak points in their chain to mitigate risks. 

Accounting/Bookkeeping – We can get as detailed or general as you want in these reports – tracking overall expenses and revenues, down to what you are really spending in cost of goods per customer. With many clients, we have caught expenses that they were unaware of, informed them, and saved their money. For one client recently, we caught a recurring $300 transaction. For yet another client, we helped reconcile 3 years of past transactions, getting them up to date and operating correctly. Further, though we are not CPAs, we can help ensure you get some good benefits at the end of the year.

Digital Advertising – We have helped most of my clients grow their customer base through online ads, email, and content marketing. This is a vastly misunderstood topic by new business owners. Google, Facebook, and others make it appear like setting up ads is easy – but they will often see little actual return on this investment if they do it on their own. For one client recently, we ran several Google ad campaigns. This helped us not only perfect their ads – and bring in more potential customers – but also pointed out some large issues with their website which was preventing new customers from engaging with them online. Once we helped fix the website with their provider, not only did the website look better, but the ads began to bring in new leads almost immediately.

Data Analytics – For many clients, we provide business analytics with a dashboard, detailing different key performance indicators. These help you see a full picture of how your business is really doing, beyond just cash flow. Using these trends, you can begin to see – over time – what might be warning signs or positive indicators for what will happen in the future. For example, how do Google searches on your business impact customers coming through the door, how do different ads increase sales – or have no impact at all, saving you money. How will walk-in’s impact you over time, and when can you expect less traffic? Which products or services sell more often and which should you remove?