Having A Financial Advisor And Utilizing Quickbooks

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Distinguished record of bookkeeping and financial advising experience within a wide range of businesses and organizations, including retail, product manufacturing, real estate, and services industries.

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Pathfinder has a distinguished record of bookkeeping and financial advising experience, and has developed expertise within a wide range of businesses and organizations, including companies in the retail, product manufacturing, real estate, and services industries.

Take The Headache Out Of Your Bookkeeping

One of the biggest headaches in business (and especially small business) is keeping your finances in order, separate from the owners’ personal accounts, and projecting for the future. There is so much uncertainty or lack of knowledge that most small businesses base their company’s health on if there is money in the bank. While there is some merit to knowing you haven’t overdrawn your account, it is hardly a good metric for knowing where you are headed where your businesses’ largest issues exist.

That’s where we come in. As Quickbooks Online ProAdvisors, Pathfinder can help your business understand your numbers and plan for a better future, so that you aren’t letting your business operate on a “paycheck to paycheck” model. Further, we can offer you discounts on the software, run reports, and ensure payroll is done in a proper manner so that you don’t run into bad tax surprises at the end of the year!

Reasons why you should invest in a financial advisor and Quickbooks Online:

Access to great tools for a reasonable price.

Quickbooks Online can seem expensive, but the value it provides is much beyond the cost. Using Quickbooks Online can ensure you are caught up with finances and are looking at the future of your business. Just a few great features to point out (among many others):

  • Basic financial tools that you need in order to do annual tax reports.
  • Invoicing and automatic payments.
  • Integrations with other software you may use.
  • Access to capital, healthcare, insurance, and HR functions.
  • Reports that help you understand your business and where the gaps are.
  • Track all of your customer information and integrate with software like MailChimp to contact them more often.
  • And much more!

You can do payroll through their system, and have tax reports filed automatically.

No more paying an accountant’s additional fees or trying to work through the tax code yourself! Which also means no more scrambling at the end of the year to provide your accountant with the needed information.

Using Quickbooks Online through Pathfinder will give you software and payroll discounts. No catch.

Get the best long-term pricing on QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Payroll, and QuickBooks Time.

Quickbooks Online reporting can allow you and your advisor to quickly see where you need to make changes.

Maybe you are spending too much time selling a service that doesn’t make a return, perhaps you forgot about a recurring subscription you can eliminate, or maybe you had a large tax bill last year that came as a surprise. All of these issues can be analyzed and prevented ahead of time.

We’re Here To Help!

There are many more in-depth reasons to use an advisor and Quickbooks Online! Reach out to us to find out more and discuss how QBO can help your business more specifically and start saving time and money today!