Are business cards relevant in the digital age?

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We’ve all heard, and most of us have said it… “Print is dead.” We live in a digital world. A world of LinkedIn and social media, of super powerful handheld devices and easy to use, fast applications that connect us all in a way we’ve never experienced before. So is the humble, physical business card still relevant? Does it have any use in this digital day and age? The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is yes. For a number of reasons.

Less Noise

Tapping into the group of potential customers that don’t handle all their transactions online can bring value to a business. In fact, employing traditional marketing strategies – like business cards – can help to cut through all the noise associated with modern digital marketing and speak to consumers in a different way.

Personal Touch

A business relationship is always better when it’s built on face-to-face interaction, when eye contact is made, individuals weighed up and and conversations occur. The passing of business cards is part of that interaction, as important as the handshake.

Chances are, you probably remember the last person who handed you a business card. And depending on who they are and what they do, you probably remember the general design of the card and what you thought when they handed it to you.


When was the last time you scrolled through the contacts list on your phone? Rephrase – do you even know who is in your contacts list aside from your recents? Would you even know what name to search for?

A physical business card, however, will be rediscovered at least once and potentially many more times. If it’s slipped into a pocket it’ll be seen the next time that item of clothing is washed. Stored in a wallet or handbag? Worst case scenario it’ll be found during that annual clear out – BUT it made them think of you and your business again.

The point is, your business card is much more likely to be seen more than once – and more than once could mean the difference of a new client or sale.

First Impressions

Your business card – kind of like your website – may be the first thing someone sees of your brand and your business (think more networking events and trade shows). There is still a certain prestige in a beautifully designed business card printed on good stock that feels high quality and looks high quality – and that right there is your first impression.

Big Value for Little $

With the increase in availability of business printing and the constantly evolving technology the cost of business card printing has come right down. In fact, we’d say that a business card is now the most cost effective way of marketing your business

But Make It Count

While a great business card can be a fantastic social building block, a bad one ends up being a waste of your money and a lost opportunity at making a strong first impression.

The Next Steps

Think of it this way: Rather than all or nothing digital marketing, let’s get creative on how to market in a digital world. After all, the core concepts remain the same.

So… when was your business card last updated?

A closer look at the Pathfinder business card: