Creating An Email List For Your Business - Why and How

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You know those emails you signed up for that come from different companies or even your doctor? Or maybe you signed up for an email list to stay in the loop with your favorite social media influencer? Either way, has something on those lists ever caught your eye and really impacted you or influenced you to make a purchase? Behold, the power of email marketing!

What exactly is an email list?

An email list is a marketing tool that companies can utilize to engage with their customers and make sales. Email lists can also be used to promote your social media posts, blog posts, or announce new products or services. 

Why are email lists beneficial to businesses?

Email lists are so beneficial for numerous reasons. It will be difficult for you NOT to create one after reading about a few of the benefits!

  • Email lists are personal
    • They are only sent out to those who sign up to receive them (So please do not buy your lists! You will most likely not get what you pay for and people are likely to mark your emails as spam and delete them. Let’s face it, no one likes unwanted emails!)
  • Email lists will make you money
    • This is probably the best benefit about email lists. You can easily advertise your products and services, share testimonies that encourage people to try them out, and launch sales and promotions to attract even more people. According to the DMA Marketer Email Tracker, the average expected return for every dollar spent on marketing through an email list is $42! What are you waiting for?!
  • Email lists keep customers coming back to you
    • Think about it. How many times have you checked out a website for a product or service, and never returned to it again? With email lists, your company and website will show up in their inbox on a weekly basis, reminding them to order what caught their eye in the first place!

How do I create an email list?

Now that you are surely intrigued at the success rates of email lists, it’s time to create one for your business. 

  1. Choose the provider you want to use for your email list
    • Google Gmail, Mailchimp, Microsoft, and Constant Contact are just a few examples of providers you can utilize to create your email list. Do some research and pick the one that fits your needs and budget.
  2. Create your email account
    • Create an account through the email provider you chose. Make sure you choose your email address wisely and ensure it is professional – i.e. use your branded business email and not your personal.
  3. Create a link and form to enable people to sign up for your email list
    • This can be a pop up that is shown when someone visits your website, or a link you share on social media that will allow your followers to easily enter their name and email address when they click on it. Use creative language and incentives to encourage them to sign up and give them a few examples of what they can expect from your emails. It is also a good idea to state the frequency of your emails so they know what they are signing up for.
  4. Draft up and send your first newsletter
    • The first newsletter should lay out what your business is all about, and your main focus when it comes to serving your customers. People signed up for your email address because they value what you have to offer and share with them. Make sure your emails are living up to that standard and delivering everything they expect. Use casual and fun language to keep readers feeling comfortable and engaged.
  5. Promote your email list, drive traffic, stay consistent
    • Share your email list on social media and with friends and family. Come up with free digital resources or other types of freebies to drive traffic to your list and website. People are more likely to subscribe if they get something in return for their email, such as a free download or discount code. Lastly, stay consistent! If you say you are going to send out newsletters on a weekly basis, send them out every week! Your customers are going to start to look forward to your emails, so don’t disappoint them!

Starting an email list may seem like a lot at first, but once you start reaping the benefits, you will be glad you did! Click here to read more about different email providers and make the best decision for your company. 

If you need assistance choosing an email provider, or would like someone to take on the challenge of creating and writing your newsletters for you, we are happy to help!