Incorporate These 10 Things Into Your Marketing

Web Development

Whether you need a home for your nonprofit mission, or an e-commerce shop, we can help you reach your audience in a powerful and creative way. Your business has a story to tell, and your website should tell it.

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Digital Marketing

Pathfinder has marketing strategy and management experience with a wide range of businesses and organizations, including companies in the retail, product manufacturing, real estate, and services industries.

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Strategy and Analytics

Strategy is how you bring your story to life through planning, data application, efficient implementation, and financial alignment.

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Distinguished record of bookkeeping and financial advising experience within a wide range of businesses and organizations, including retail, product manufacturing, real estate, and services industries.

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Graphic Design & Animation

Through custom logos and branding packages, print marketing, social graphics and more, our skilled graphic designers are dedicated to turning the idea inside your head into a visually-stimulating reality.

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Videography & Photography

We believe in telling stories that inspire, embolden, and impassion through compelling photography, attractive videos, and clever animations.

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When it comes to marketing, staying ahead of the game is primarily what keeps you in the game. As a business owner in the digital world, finding ways to reach your audience is critical, not just for sales but for reputation and noticeability. And no matter how good your product or service is, people won’t know about your business unless you get their attention.


Here are some tips for upping your marketing game through the rest of 2023:

  1. Find ways to focus on content that is relevant. With search engines constantly updating their algorithms, you want to be sure that these algorithms work in your favor.
  2. Find ways to budget necessary marketing changes. You’re running a business! Allow for an outside source (ahem, Pathfinder) to help you in this area, who will come alongside your business as you continue to make great strides.
  3. Play off of holidays! People love shopping deals, and utilizing the buzz that stems from holidays is a great place to gain attention and views!
  4. What deeper value can you instill in your viewers? Are you promoting a deeper cause or purpose beyond your customer base? Share that with them! People LOVE to support a cause and feel that their purchases are doing good in the world.
  5. How are you developing your existing clients? Do you have a great working relationship with some? They could write a testimonial or referral to promote your company and the work you do!
  6. Build up an educational platform. What would be helpful for your clients and future clients to know about your products and services? Would educating them more help them better understand the value behind what you do?
  7. Create and develop a rewards or referral program! Often, the way to reign in repeat customers is to make them feel valued by continuing to do business with you.
  8. Weigh the pros and cons of the various social media platforms you invest in your business. Which ones are paying off? Which ones are not? These are critical questions to ask as you devote time to your company.
  9. Display frequently asked questions. Customers love navigating websites and social media profiles where they feel they do not have to WORK to find answers.
  10. Show the results – show the product – show the services. People are curious about you because they have heard about you. People stay when they can see for themselves what that actually means for them.

What’s Next

If you have a small business and are struggling to meet your marketing goals, try the tactics mentioned in this post. We promise these marketing techniques can give you the push that you need to ace your marketing game – and grow your business!

And, as long as you’re keeping a thumb on the pulse of marketing trends, creating quality and engaging content, putting your customer first, and remaining open to change — your business won’t fall behind.

But, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of keeping up with all these insights, don’t worry, Pathfinder is here to help!