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Web Development

Whether you need a home for your nonprofit mission, or an e-commerce shop, we can help you reach your audience in a powerful and creative way. Your business has a story to tell, and your website should tell it.

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Digital Marketing

Pathfinder has marketing strategy and management experience with a wide range of businesses and organizations, including companies in the retail, product manufacturing, real estate, and services industries.

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Strategy and Analytics

Strategy is how you bring your story to life through planning, data application, efficient implementation, and financial alignment.

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Distinguished record of bookkeeping and financial advising experience within a wide range of businesses and organizations, including retail, product manufacturing, real estate, and services industries.

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Graphic Design & Animation

Through custom logos and branding packages, print marketing, social graphics and more, our skilled graphic designers are dedicated to turning the idea inside your head into a visually-stimulating reality.

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Videography & Photography

We believe in telling stories that inspire, embolden, and impassion through compelling photography, attractive videos, and clever animations.

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What marketing tools and apps do you use to get your online marketing work done?

The list of tools you use—often referred to as a marketing stack—probably covers a variety of different uses and needs, everything from social media marketing to content to email and lots more.

What do we recommend for your stack? Let’s explore our favorites:


Asana is a cloud-based project management tool that assists teams in mapping out every element of projects within a business. This software allows teams to plan and streamline everyday work in an efficient and effective way. From agencies to software teams, everyone uses it to manage their projects. The tool offers an intuitive interface that lays out project plans and deliverables, promoting a rich project experience. 

This is a useful application for keeping track of and managing team projects. Unlike other project management software, Asana has a user interface that is both intuitive and easy. Task prioritizing improves team productivity and efficiency, and all changes are updated in real-time. 

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free application that lets you create detailed reports and dashboards from data. You may use Google Data Studio to pull data from spreadsheets, Google Analytics, and Google Ads, among other places. The dashboards in Google Data Studio are shareable, and they may empower team members by giving them access to data that is crucial to making decisions.

Google Data Studio is a free reporting tool with a simple user interface that anyone can use, even if they have no experience with data analytics. Pre-built data connectors, data visualization, and generated metrics are just a few of the features. It enables you to set custom filters to ensure that data is presented in the way you want it to be.


Over 2 million people trust Canva to help with creating images for social media, blog posts, and practically any other use you can imagine.

Canva is a design tool for creating professional-looking digital and print marketing collateral. You can generate professional-quality media for your business with access to over one million stock pictures, illustrations, and fonts. This software has pre-built layouts that make dragging and dropping pieces into place a breeze. Canva makes it easy for teams to customize templates aligning with the style and image of their business. 

If you’re looking for more custom, full branding design – Pathfinder is here to help take your visual brand to the next level!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics does pretty much everything in terms of tracking the traffic to your website. It’s a huge, monstrous amount of info, generously given away for free.

Digital marketing is nothing if you aren’t tracking your results. Knowing who is clicking on your content, how long they are staying, and where they are leaving helps you to improve. The good news is that the official Google Analytics mobile app lets you monitor all of your website Analytics properties easily from your phone. With the app, you can keep track of your business metrics while you’re on the go.  This free app offers rich reporting and insights about your websites, your target audiences, and your digital marketing efforts.

Google Trends

Google Trends keeps you up to date on what’s going on by providing comprehensive information about popular and trending topics, which is highly valuable for content creators. It’s great for teams and individuals who develop material regularly. This includes persons who blog, have a large social media following, create material for specialized audiences, or work in marketing.

Google Trends is recommended to research keywords, come up with content ideas, and keep track of your brand. Users can simply type in a topic or browse through featured insights and popular news to get access to the details they need. Google Trends shows the frequency of search phrases about the overall number of searches across different geographic locations, and Google Trends also displays search interest over time. Depending on the flux of inquiry volumes, you may choose one issue over another to discuss in whatever material you develop.


It’s more than just your dream home and wedding planner; this is a powerful addition to your marketing as it can boost online sales, too. Pinterest is a social media platform in which users explore, share, and store visual content they find inspiring, helpful, or entertaining.

Marketers target Pinterest users by sharing content that’s too irresistible for us to pass up. And with over 433 million people on Pinterest, why wouldn’t marketers want to be on the platform? Not to mention 83% of users have made a purchase from content they’ve seen on Pinterest.


Real, branded, shortened. Rebrandly allows you to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain name. Keep your posts fully on brand with a shortened URL of YOUR choosing. Just buy the domain and get started.

You can: create workspaces with teammates, manage multiple domain names, view customized analytics, traffic route and deep link, setup link retargeting, and more!


The Later app allows you to schedule and publish posts for Instagram at your own convenience. Later solves issues of creating batch content and scheduling ahead of time. Another great tool is the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place. You can even source images from a library, Dropbox, or Google. Analytics is easy as well with reports on user activity and hashtags.

Other suggestions include Brandwatch, Social Pilot, Sprout Social, and Cloud Campaign.

Meta Business Suite

The newly renovated Meta allows you to streamline most activities that are part of managing your Facebook + Instagram profiles. On both web and mobile you can manage all your business activity on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram from one place with Meta Business Suite. It centralizes tools that help you connect with your customers on all apps and get better business results. You can also create or schedule posts, stories, and ads for your business. You’ll also find helpful insights to optimize your efforts as you go.

Grammarly Keyboard

Nobody wants a bunch of typos in their emails or marketing posts. The Grammarly Keyboard is just like having a professional editor in your pocket. The app lets you use a special keyboard that automatically scans your writing for misspellings and grammatical errors. It helps to remove mistakes and poor grammar and over time helps you become a better writer. Best of all this marketing app is completely free and works inside any app on your smartphone.


Semrush is a fantastic all-in-one search tool that helps teams in keyword research, competitive analysis, and rank tracking. Other services offered by the tool include examining data like search volume and cost per click. This software also gathers data on internet keywords from Google and Bing search engines.

Hundreds of thousands of marketers use its features to increase online search traffic. Hundreds of tools enable SEO, content marketing, market research, advertising, and social media marketing on the platform. This tool also allows you to look into competitors’ text and media adverts, saving you a lot of money on testing.

Why Your Marketing Tools Matter

In today’s digital-driven landscape, business can happen anytime, anywhere. That means you — and your marketing — need to be operating at their peak at all times and be everywhere your buyers are.

All these marketing apps can help you to run your business directly from your phone! You can create, track, audit, and stay connected with your customers while on the go. Best of all, many of them are free or very low cost to use. As technology continues to evolve there is a huge benefit in adopting these new mobile tools to your business.

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