Why And How Of Email Video Marketing For Your Small Business

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It can be almost guaranteed that subscribers love to receive at least one form of interactive news in their inbox.

It adds a little spice to their day when they open up their inbox and see an email from your company featuring more than just words on the screen. With technology, the reality of using a video in your emails is extremely feasible. PLUS, email video marketing has shown to have a 300% higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional emails without videos (via techjury). In the end, you can never go wrong by adding a small piece of entertainment to the inbox of your loyal supporters.

Benefits Of Video Email Marketing

When a subscriber opens an email and is greeted with instant movement, two things happen. One, there is an element of interaction that is now involved drawing the individual to stay longer, and two, there is a higher chance of engagement from the reader (now watcher).

Including a video allows for a different, more exciting way of interacting with the content that is presented. Many studies have shown that the preferred method of taking in information is through watching virtual content. WIth that being said, bump up your marketing strategy and take the best content you have to offer and give it to subscribers in more form than one.

Getting Them To Want More

Your best content will keep your subscribers involved in what you are promoting and leave them wanting more. When this happens, customers are more likely to click the links in your email, do more research, and maybe even buy the product you may have just announced in the video. Video in an email simply adds an extra chance of not being deleted in .03 seconds.

It’s Not The Sales Pitch

Video marketing truly can increase your revenue along with your following. BUT, don’t mistake this for another sales pitch.

When creating videos to send to your loyal customers, consider having videos that feature your brand’s personality and culture. Perhaps user generated content (influencers and devoted users) This adds an element of humanness to your company as well as it creates deeper personal relationships.

What Content To Share

While the possibilities are endless, here are a few easy ideas on what video content to include in your emails.

  • Personalize your content with triggered emails that feature videos relating to abandoned carts.
  • Add videos related to curtain promotions.
  • Make major announcements in front of a camera.
  • Share user-generated content to engage current and potential customers/clients.
  • Educational pieces on your business or industry based topics.
  • How-to content related to recent purchases.
  • Event promotions or recaps.
  • Thank-you videos.
  • Customer testimonies, case studies, behind-the-scenes.
  • Make them laugh (or cry).
  • We promise 92% of your written content can be transformed into video.

How To Make It Happen

While it’s technically possible to embed a video directly into an email, most of your recipients probably won’t be able to view it inside the actual message. This is due to the differing capabilities of various email providers and your subscribers will not all be suing the same service.

You can instead, insert a still image or GIF (we love GIPHY) that links to the site where the video is housed (we suggest Vimeo or YouTube). This ensures that everyone can access the video as intended. 

Linking also allows you to track valuable data, such as click-through rate and time spent watching.

More Video Email Marketing Tips

  • Be sure to place your video at the beginning of the email so that it gets seen quickly.
  • You can use your video to hook recipients even before opening the message. Emails with “video” in the subject line have higher open rates.
  • You don’t need a fully produced a video for every email you send. A catchy, relatable GIF will get you started off just fine.
  • Re-use video content you’ve used on social or your website.
  • Educated yourself on the capabilities of your email marketing platform (e.g. MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) to ensure you are properly executing this course.
  • Sometimes what looks good on your end, does not look so good on their end. Make sure to test your emails, especially when trying new techniques like embedded videos and GIFs.
  • Keep it short and simple. Just as with written content, keep the user engaged but not bored. A video that appears to be too drawn out, long winded, and un-enticing will have the user clicking out before the good part gets started. Leave the good stuff in the video, and push them towards more resources and content for the full version.
  • Reach out for help 😉

Here To Help With Your Video Email Marketing

Looking to spice up your email marketing? Pathfinder is ready to journey along with you as you add any form of video marketing into your business. We want to see your marketing campaigns succeed. Video marketing is a great place to start. Our creative specialists are ready to help you today!

Reach out to our team to get started! We look forward to creating some magic together.