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The importance of offering value and fostering loyalty to build enduring customer relationships.

Welcome back to another engaging episode where Jesse and Brian delve into the world of strategic storytelling to up your marketing game!

We’re is here to provide actionable insights and practical strategies that you didn’t know you needed. Our dynamic duo, Jesse and Brian, unpack the complexities of modern marketing, emphasizing the importance of offering value and fostering loyalty to build enduring customer relationships.

Turning Client Hesitation into Opportunity

Jesse and Brian kick off the episode by recounting a fascinating client meeting. The client initially wanted fewer videos, looking to scale back the contract. However, after a thorough discussion, the hosts convinced the client to reconsider by explaining the value these videos could bring when used effectively.

“We’re not just about increasing prices,” Jesse emphasizes. “Our goal is to educate and provide real value to our clients.”

The Shift from Audiences to Users

Moving on, our hosts discuss a pivotal shift in marketing: targeting users rather than broad audiences. While this approach can be more effective, it comes with its own set of challenges and costs.
Brian offers a reminder that even adaptive strategies like these require careful consideration and execution.

Reassessing to Scale

A highlight of the episode is the example of a client who sought a new website but actually needed a fundamental reassessment of her business model to scale effectively. This insightful strategy led to better results and paying customers.

“It’s about partnering with our clients,” Brian says. “We help them understand and improve their business, not just provide services.”

The Cost of Marketing Today

Marketing today isn’t just about creative ads anymore. With increased competition and accessibility, costs have soared, especially with a rising emphasis on high-quality video content.

Loyalty: The Secret Sauce

Jesse emphasizes the value of customer loyalty, explaining that investing in loyalty initiatives may result in a short-term revenue loss but can yield substantial long-term gains. When customers stick around longer, their lifetime value increases, justifying the initial investment in loyalty programs.

Choosing Your Battles

The hosts also touch on the complex topic of handling difficult customers and the necessity of deciding what battles are worth fighting. Maintaining customer loyalty sometimes requires letting go of short-term gains for long-term value.

Diverse Marketing for Long-Term Success

To wrap things up, Jesse and Brian stress the need for a diverse marketing approach across multiple platforms. Today’s market demands numerous touchpoints before a customer engages with your brand.


Jesse and Brian explore the nuances of strategic storytelling and the evolving landscape of modern marketing. They illustrate how providing genuine value, focusing on user-specific strategies, reassessing business models, and investing in loyalty can drive long-term success. They also highlight the increased costs and complexities of today’s marketing world and the importance of choosing your battles wisely to maintain fruitful customer relationships.

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Pathfinder is here to help offload the weight so you can focus on your core strengths. Let us help guide your business through the intricacies of modern marketing!

About the Strategic Storytelling Podcast

A podcast where one charismatic host and one stoic host seamlessly (we will let you decide who’s who) blend the realms of marketing and storytelling. Each episode is a conversation that unravels the secrets behind successful campaigns, exploring the alchemy that transforms a brand into a compelling narrative. With a perfect balance of industry insights, witty banter, and expert interviews, Brian and Jesse demystify the strategies behind impactful storytelling, offering listeners a roadmap to elevate their marketing game. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a curious novice, Strategic Storytelling is your go-to destination for unraveling the magic behind crafting unforgettable brand stories.