After the Sale: Building and Keeping Brand Loyalty

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First, start here: Levels of a Sales S’more [Funnel]: Part 1, The Sales Funnel

You’ve closed the sale, ready for s’more? S’more brand loyalty that is.

Closing the sale is not the end of this sales funnel. We need brand loyalty. We have to maintain a good and positive relationship with the client and give post-sale services as promised by your company based on its policies.

When you think about customer loyalty the first brands that come to mind are typically Apple, Tesla and Nike – consumer-facing companies. These companies have created a bond so deep with their customers that if you were to talk negatively or criticize them, their customers will gladly defend it.

Remember: Customer relationships deliver invaluable marketing.

Okay, so let’s build a brand loyalty s’more.

Engage, engage, engage: There are so many different types of content you can create to engage with your clients. Some will – of course – be more promotional in nature, because your business is to make a profit both solve customer’s problems and needs as well as make a profit. Ensure there’s a good balance between your promotional content and the educational and free value you provide to your audience.

Research and understand your customers: Make more informed decisions to help your customers solve their problems and provide valuable answers to questions.

  • Ask and listen to their needs: An ongoing relationship means you really get to know your customers. When customers know you and communicate with you, they reveal their desires, goals, and preferences.
  • Respond with solutions: This will help your future product designs and allow you to customize marketing messages so they reach the right audience.

Have fun, be relatable, stay true and consistent: One of the best ways to build strong connections to your audience: be relatable! For example: social media should be fun, and while you don’t have to be overly casual, there are still ways to let your audience enjoy your presence through your brand voice. Speak, share, and act with a consistent voice in a consistent way. Customers develop a sense of trust from this unchanging identity and perceive it as authenticity.

It’s not about you: Take the focus off of you. Withstand the temptation to make your products or services the topic of conversation. Marketing content that simply focuses on you can be a big turnoff. If your content only tries to sell, your customer engagement will be disappointing at best. Shift your marketing – how can you use your knowledge, expertise, and services to solve a client’s problem? Your services will sell themselves when you are seen as a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and relatable brand.

Tips and Ideas

Rewards / Referral Program: We all love free stuff, which is why putting together contests and giveaways is one great way to offer rewards and incentives to your audience. Consider sharing flash sales on social media, including freebies and discount codes.

Customer Education Programs: Education can be a valuable part of this process as done correctly, greater customer understanding and knowledge of your products and services provides them with the reasons they need to justify a purchase in their own minds.

Remember… The sales funnel doesn’t end at the sale. The hard work comes next – building customer relationships that last.