Levels of a Sales S'more [Funnel]: Part 1, The Sales Funnel

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A Little Sales S’more

Okay, it’s a sales funnel, but it looks pretty good as a s’more right?

What is a sale’s funnel?

A series of steps leading from an initial conversation with the prospect to converting them into a customer.

But something different to keep in mind: a sales funnel is an ongoing process. Meaning it is dynamic and can / should be adjusted depending on the situation and potential client. There is not a direct line from initial conversation to sale. Not every client – nor business – is the same. How you meet, engage with, and close on a client is always shifting – rightfully so.

But overall, there are specific layers that you move through when building that perfect sales s’more.

So what are the levels of this Sales S’more?

Bringing awareness to your brand: Early in their journey, your potential customers are going through a specific problem and are researching and learning about it. They have many questions about it as they likely haven’t named the problem itself—they just know the symptoms.

Converting potential customers into leads: At the middle of the sales funnel, you lead is diving deeper into the specifics of the problem. They understand what’s bothering them in great detail and want to know the possible solutions. In this stage, your Leads become Qualified as you get to talk to them and ask them questions that help you decide whether your offer is the right fit for their problem.

  • Conducting research: The client has a problem, will they find your business as a solution?
  • Educating potential customers: Your potential client knows the problem, but they still need a solution. Can you answer it for them? Through email campaigns and blogs you can pull clients in closer and build trust where your knowledge meets their needs.

Evaluating: Your leads now know everything about their problem, you’ve almost closed the sale, but you’re not quite there yet. Your potential client is now evaluating whether or not your product or services meets their need and solves their problem. What should you be sharing? Testimonials, case studies, success stories, live demos, product comparisons, etc.

Sealing the deal: Finally, your leads now know everything about their problem, the best type of solution for them, and are ready to select the provider to purchase this solution from – aka you. This is the stage of action – proposals and negotiations, special offers, discounts, bundled packages. 

Ideally, the perfect s’more now comes together to win the sale. But we’re not done yet…

Stay tuned for your second s’more.