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The digital age is in full swing. As media and technology continue to advance, companies are beginning to embrace all that digital media has to offer in the industry. Which is why creative video content is becoming more and more popular.

Digital marketing plays a large role in companies today. Video marketing is somewhat a newer addition to marketing and undoubtedly will continue to grow year over year. Why? Movement, action, and drama are what catapult a story into an artful, emotional experience — one that builds connections, enlivens viewers, and generates hype. 

Your small business can stay competitive in the digital world and in marketing by implementing simple, yet creative video content.

And don’t worry: you don’t need a scriptwriter, film crew, and headstrong director to create compelling videos.

Video Content Boosts Engagement

First off, video content will boosts your search engine optimization (SEO) – Google loves web pages with videos! To optimize this, consider adding a video to your blogs and webpages where relevant.

Staying Up With Media Trends

Staying up with media trends is important when it comes to producing video content for companies. Of course this still means creating relevant and purposeful content for your business. You want to stay on topic of the search, but you also want to reach the right audience. While your videos may not go viral, pay attention to the audience you are reaching and maximize that engagement where it matters.

Simple, Yet Affective Creative Video Ideas

  • As a small business in a sea of other small businesses, the proper thing to do is introduce yourself properly. What better way to do that than with an introductory video?
  • Although the first video you should focus on is an introductory video, the next step in effective video advertising involves getting creative and inviting your customers to talk about your product – testimonial videos.
  • Use your people. Create video content of daily operations and office life. This allows your customers and social media followers to see how hard you work and how your team works together. 
  • One of the most affordable and effective ways to bring in new customers (while building customer loyalty) is with consumer-generated video ads. People trust the opinions of consumers, which is why the first thing they do when vetting a new product or service is read reviews.
  • Tap into your industry niche. Provide valuable insight into a common problem in a short, sharable way. 
  • As a small business owner, content is the spine of your marketing strategy. Instead of spreading yourself thin on the hamster wheel of content creation, refocus your efforts to maximize your time. Do you already have social media graphics or blog posts handy? Why not repurpose that content into shareable videos?

Make It Fun

Don’t be afraid to tap into the comedy and spoof videos. While this type of content may not be fitting for every business, it is certainly an avenue to consider.

Let your creativity shine here. Produced almost entirely for entertainment value mixed with brand awareness, comedic creative marketing videos are only limited by your imagination (and maybe budget). 

Educational Video

Using video content can be educational as well to consumers. Not only are you able to advertise the benefits of your product, service or company, but you also can share a “How To” and “Helpful Tips” videos. Consumers are gaining valuable information about your company and or product which ultimately increases repertoire. You are making connections with those who are watching and building that trust with them so when the time comes for them to need your services, you are top of mind.

“A tips series is ideal for establishing a presence on YouTube, and they’re great for improving your SEO. In addition, video tips help to build your credibility and establish you as an expert in your niche.” 

Magnolia Media NetworkLowe’s Facebook video for their series, “Quick Tips.”

Sharing The Love

With video marketing on social media, a consumer feels personally engaged with the content you post. In turn, they will be more inclined to share that content on their platform which allows for even more viewers to see. Along with that, your brand awareness will increase and spread.

How To Get Started

First, decide what platforms you want your video content to be on. More platforms will not always equal more engagement – remember to go where your audience is. Don’t spread yourself and your resources too thin here.

Each social media platform is going to cater to different types of video content and varying audiences. It would make more sense to have a live stream video on Instagram or Facebook versus on Twitter.

You also want to create content that is short and keeps the audiences attention.

Have versatile video content on multiple platforms – you can adjust your caption content, video length, cover photo based on the platform. You also don’t have to always share the same content to every platform.

Always remember to shoot for where you are posting. Instagram stays vertical, Facebook stays wide. Shoot based on where you will be predominately posting. If you cannot shoot twice or with two angles at once, look into ways to adapt the video from horizontal to vertical; i.e adding visuals above and below to fill the frame, cropping in on the content where possible, or stacking the video to fill the space.

Your videos do not always need to be professionally produced. Consider posting daily, relevant video content on your Instagram Stories or making a quick reel. 

Stay In The Times With Your Creative Video Content

If you’re ready to breathe new life into your marketing efforts, it’s time to set your message into motion with video content. Videos open the door for people to truly see your brand. In turn, you build a relationship with your customers that’s based on authenticity. 

49% of people watch a minimum of 5 videos every day. The takeaway? People are hungry for video content, even if the type of video content differs. Don’t miss out on being a part of that.

Technology is ever-changing – your marketing needs to embrace that shift. Branch out and try new types of content. Engage with your audience, involve your staff, be present in real time with your content. You never know what it may lead to. 

And in the end, don’t forget, everything is content.