Why Pathfinder

There is no greater impact in this world than a story. Storytelling is how we learn, remember, and feel. The world has used storytelling since the beginning of time to entertain, teach, inspire, and innovate.

Pathfinder’s mission is to provide strategic storytelling for our clients. How? Through inventive business services and pioneering campaigns that help organizations find their own path and carry out their vision.

At each level of Pathfinder, we are charting new paths for our clients by “breaking” the rules you are used to and creating new ones to help your business find success. By providing turn-key solutions for storytelling, business strategy, and growth we are charting new, bolder paths for our clients.

Beyond the experience and expertise, Pathfinder is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners start and grow their dream. With a commitment to the why of your business, the Pathfinder team works alongside you and your expertise to ensure that your business is seen and known.