Graphic Design For Your Small Business - Why You Need It

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With a global market size of over $43.4 billion and a projected 3.7% growth rate, the graphic design industry is larger than it has ever been.

Think of it this way: Graphic design is viewed constantly across the globe. Therefore, it is important to understand that a fair deal of responsibility comes with this role. 

The importance of graphic design in business extends beyond just adding a pretty color scheme to the company’s profile. Companies need graphic designers for a wide range of reasons. Graphic design is not only visually appealing, but aides businesses in a variety of ways, including:

  • Creating a Memorable First Impression
  • Establishing A Brands Identity / Memorability
  • Conveying a Brand’s Values
  • Driving Up Sales
  • Improving Advertisements
  • Setting A Brand Apart from Competition
  • Streamlining Packaging

Creates A Winning First Impression

The first time a visitor interacts with a company’s brand will set the tone for the rest of the business relationship. Companies will often try to capitalise on this by implementing relevant and well-illustrated graphics that are attractive and professional.

Customers can learn about your company in a variety of ways, including online and billboard advertisements, the website, physical products, and so on. If you have a professional graphic designer on your team you can be sure these visuals will create a positive first impression.

A website’s design influences 94% of user impressions. Obviously, if you open a website and find it difficult to navigate through the company’s products or if it is poorly designed, you will most likely leave and look elsewhere.

Furthermore, over 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on the design of its website. This means that quality graphic design translates to brand credibility. 

As a result, a user’s first impression is formed by basic elements such as the website’s color, layout, and typography. Once these elements have been optimized, you can proceed to the next step: designing an eye-catching logo.

A well-designed brand logo can do a lot to attract more customers. If your company faces a lot of competition, customers may dismiss your brand simply because another company’s logo appears more credible.

A graphic designer can assist you in developing a logo that gets at the heart of what your company offers, and captures it in a logo that leaves a lasting impression. Customers will most likely forget about your brand if you choose a simple logo design. This is because 60% of consumers will avoid your brand if the logo is unappealing or appears to be poorly designed.

Graphic designers understand the importance of a company’s logo. To make the best logo for their clients, they do research on the industry, evaluate brands, and hold multiple feedback sessions.

Social Media Profile

Two-thirds of small businesses have a social media account, and for good reason. Like a brand’s logo and website, they are also part of a consumer’s first impression.

If a brand’s social media page doesn’t contain attention-grabbing visuals, beautified product images, and relevant content, consumers won’t bother staying too long.

Because of this, social media marketing needs the help of a graphic designer to make more interesting content that attracts more followers.

Establishes A Brands Identity

After establishing a target audience’s positive first impression, businesses need to keep it by maintaining a consistent brand identity. Graphic designers can capture this identity by researching and observing a company’s profile.

Digital artists make logos and web profiles that stand out by using font psychology and color theory. Their job is to set a company’s tone of voice, choose its color palette, and come up with other marketing tools that help define a brand’s identity.

Conveys Brand’s Values

Some brands struggle to find the best way to convey their values and often just stick them in their website’s “About Us” section. But graphic designers can demonstrate these values through their professionally made content.

For instance, Company XYZ wants to display its eco-friendly values to its conscious consumers, who comprise about 66% of the general population. The graphic designer might show how the company cares about the environment by making the “Fair Trade Certified” label on the product packaging stand out. They may also employ simpler strategies like adding more green to the company’s website.

All these additions can make all the difference when consumers make their purchasing decisions.

Drives Up Sales

A well-designed platform and packaging can boost a company’s conversion rate. The best example of this can be found in a grocery store.

Consider going down the detergent aisle to buy detergent. Because most packages contain similar formulations, it may come down to the package’s appearance. Even if it is rated lower than the competition, you will most likely choose the package with the logo you’re familiar with and trust.

This demonstrates how graphic design can boost sales and brand awareness. Simultaneously, websites and social media content that are designed in a unique way can indirectly lead to higher conversion rates.

People are more likely interact with a brand’s website and social media if it features visually appealing graphic design. Consequently, your business will attract more potential customers.

What industry hires the most graphic designers? The top industries using graphic designers are advertising, computer systems design, publishing, and manufacturing.

Graphic Design Improves Advertisements

By carefully arranging shapes, colors, and layouts, graphic designers can subconsciously plant a brand’s identity in the minds of consumers, making advertising more effective. Whether you want to advertise on social media, create a hero image, or produce a physical brochure, you should leave this to the professionals.

Sets Brand Apart from Competition

Suppose you own a coffee cart and tend to park it near a college campus. One day, you see another coffee cart with similar products. This takes away a lot of your customers.

You look at your competition and notice an Instagram handle posted on their menu. As you look around the page, you find art that is interesting to college students, who are your target audience.

Your competition’s graphic design is attracting a broader customer base than yours. Meanwhile, your Instagram content, with out the help of a graphic designer, feels flat and lifeless.

This is an example of how graphic design can give a business the upper hand.

Streamlines Packaging

Whether you run a t-shirt business or sell perfume, your packaging design must appeal to your target audience.

To do this, graphic designers conduct market research to find the best colors, shapes, and fonts that appeals to customers. This, in turn, increases the likelihood that a consumer will buy your product.

Furthermore, if you are launching a product, packaging is paramount because it could be the first time a customer sees your brand, which touches on the importance of first impressions mentioned above.

More Benefits of Graphic Design In Your Business

It’s Time-Saving: As a business owner, you want to plan ways to grow your business. But you can not do that if you are focused on other tasks, such as creating a logo. Leaving the design aspects to a graphic designer saves you time. They can do your tasks more efficiently, so your business will grow faster.

It’s Money-Saving: If you choose a cheaply designed package, the visual quality will likely reflect the price. As a result, you may spend more money to reprint or reissue the product packaging. We suggest hiring a graphic designer who knows about industry rules and packaging to avoid problems like this.

Promote Employee Morale: When your business sports a professional-looking website, logo, and social media profile, your employees will probably take pride in working with you. This pride may precipitate higher productivity and better results from employees. Plus, your well-designed platform will help you stand out in the industry, which will help you find better people to hire.

Access to Expertise: Outsourcing graphic design work provides small business owners access to a team of experienced professionals who can provide expert advice and produce high-quality designs. These professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to create unique and visually appealing designs that can effectively communicate the business’s brand and message.

Flexibility: Outsourcing graphic design work provides small business owners with the flexibility to scale their design needs up or down based on their business’s requirements. This flexibility allows them to adjust their design needs according to their budget, resources, and overall goals.

Wrap Up

Without graphic design companies can struggle to create a positive, lasting impression and establish a consistent brand. 

Graphic design allows a business to stay relevant and keep up with the trends. If you want to differentiate your business from your competition, graphic design services are a necessary addition to your business’s investment plan!