#CampPathfinder21, Your Best Adventure Yet -

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For reference, read our last blog post THEMES: PUTTING SOME FUN BACK IN MARKETING.

We said it from the beginning…

No one brand is static – or at least it shouldn’t be. Growth is applauded and adaptation is required. We know that to be true for Pathfinder, as well. We know we will adjust and tweak as we go. But as we grow, our brand at its core will remain. Because no matter what may change outwardly — inwardly we will always be this Pathfinder.

So here we are, bringing you something new and fun from the same trusted and creative minds.

From the beginning of Pathfinder, we knew we would want to switch up our marketing, add a little spice to our branding, and be as creative as we possibly could.

We are creatives, and we want to create – for our clients AND for ourselves. Creating new themes and adapting our branding and marketing allows us to be both the case study and the proof of our services. We want to offer our clients the very best, and to do that, we need to show the very best.

So we test our limits and expand our creative bounds right in our own brand.

And with that, we introduce our new theme.

Camp Pathfinder: Your Best Adventure Yet

Every member of our team had a hand in building this new theme. The design process. The story behind it. The resources coming out of it. The little, intricate pieces that bring it all together.

It stretched each and every one of us to think differently, create bolder, and work as a team to bring something fun, purposeful, and new to our brand.

Why Summer Camp for our first theme?

We wanted to remind everyone that you can have fun in your marketing. You can do out of the box things. You don’t have to and shouldn’t stay static.

We owe it to ourselves, our brand, our story, our audience to bring something new to the table. And we might as well have some fun along the way.

Please note, every brand and organization is different. “Having fun” and “something new” looks different for everyone. This theme and marketing is cohesive with the Pathfinder brand and story. As your creative partner, we would find the right marketing strategy for you and your brand.

What to expect?

Here’s a look at some things we have planned – but just a small peak.

  • The Great Scavenger Hunt
  • The Ultimate Packing List
  • The Perfect S’more
  • Star Gazing for Success
  • Archery Lessons
  • DIY Class Schedule
  • Service Badges

And who knows what else may pop up. Like we said, we’re pushing our own creative bounds.

Are you ready?